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  1. Tutorial Title:

Food on canvas in the Late Renaissance /Baroque painting: recipe, master class and lively painting reproduction.


  1. General Goal (s):

Late Renaissance / Baroque painting and connection to food items (categorization and confection).


  1. Specific Objectives – By the end of this tutorial students shoud be able to:

Be stimulated to the act of cooking a dish depicted in a painting

Apply the main features of a pictorial movement in a lively reproduction


  1. Essential Skills

The knowledge of the Renaissance / Baroque painting features, the stone soup tale and the recipe of the dish.


  1. Materials Required:

Soup ingredients (beans, cabbage, water, salt), cooking pot, cooker, video camera (for the Master class video)

Old clothes and accessories, a dish, a spoon, bread (for the lively painting reproduction eating the soup)



  1. Key Terms:

Food on canvas

Stone soup

Lively painting reproduction


  1. Instructional Strategies / Teaching Approaches:

After the analysis of the painting “The Bean Eater” by Carracci and the video with the stone soup tale, the students write down the recipe of the soup and get ready to cook it.

Students are divided into two groups (one group in charge of the purchase of the necessary ingredients, other group in charge of preparing the cooking space and utensils)

Collective conception of the soup filmed as a master class video.

Creation of several lively reproductions of the painting .

  1. Step-By-Step Procedures:

Acquire knowledge on Renaissance/Baroque.

Participation in: the analysis of the painting / the search for the soup recipe / the purchase of ingredients / the collective master class video and the lively painting reproduction.


  1. Essential Questions

Which type of food is depicted in the painting (colours, textures, forms) and what does it tell us about the figure’s social status?

Are these features present in the lively painting reproduction?

10.  Assessment Based On Objectives:

Confection of the stone soup followed by the lively representation of the painting “The Bean Eater”


11. Possible Connections to Other Subjects:

Portuguese Language and Literature




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