Titre de l’oeuvre Enfants nourissant des oies Nom de l’artiste Julien Dupré

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Présentation du peintre

Size(Format): 81,6 x 65,1 cms

Technique: oil

Support(Medium): Web







Description de l’œuvre :

A woman to accompany with two children gives has food has gooses in circles of one fields







Recette possible :

Ingredients for 4 people 4 steaklets of duck of goose in the fat 300 g of raw goose foie gras 100 g of cultivated mushrooms 25 g of peels of truffles(noses) 20 g of butter 50 cl of juice of truffle(nose) 2 c in of Porto 2 c in of juice of calf(veal)
Table salt
Muscle man’s black pepper
Preparation of ingredients
Assemble steaklets of duck two by two and roll them on themselves and tie up them.
Let rest(base) 2 am in the refrigerator.
Clean mushrooms and cut them julienne.
Cut the liver of goose in cutlets 2 cms in thickness and the rest in small dice.
Cut steaklets of duck in 4 and tie up them.

In a stove, gild(bronze) the tour(ballot) of tournedoses and cook them 4-5 minutes on every face.
Reserve for the warmth.
In a small frying pan(jumper), annoy(sweat) them in a little butter




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