That well eating means?

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That well eating means?


Well eating , it is to adopt a varied and well-balanced food, that is to eat anything but in adapted quantities. It consists in favoring the beneficial food to our health (fruits, vegetables, starchy foods, fishes) and in limiting the consumption of sweet products (candy, sweet drinks), salted (crackers, chips) and fat (delicatessen, butter, cream).


This food balance does not build itself either on a meal or on a day but rather on several days, even the week.

That is why there is neither forbidden food, nor miracle food. So, occasionally, a festive meal can be compensated with lighter meals afterward.



Combined in a regular physical activity, an adapted food contributes to limit the weight gain but also a number of health problems as cancers, the type 2 diabetes, the excess of cholesterol, the cardiovascular diseases, the osteoporosis …

How to eat better to the everyday life?

For some people, to cook to the everyday life is a pleasure even a passion. For others, it is the real duty!

Nevertheless, to cook does not mean spending hours to realize a complicated recipe.

Some good reflexes are enough for realizing quickly and without efforts of the economic, well-balanced and very delicious meals!


Well Eat, Well Live

Today, we are more and more attentive to what we eat.



But it is not always easy to decipher the numerous nutritional, sometimes contradictory information, which we find on the packagings of foodstuffs and in advertisements. Number of calories, logos, assertions …

To estimate and to choose a product becomes a real headache!





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