still life in the carp

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Title: still life in the carp


Author :Abraham van Beyeren

Description of the painter: Abraham van Beyeren and a Dutch painter been born by 1620 in the Hague, he(it) works on Leyde in 1638, in The Hague from 1639 till 1657 and in Delft from 1657 till 1661. He belongs in Amsterdam in 1672 and in Alkmaar in 1674. From 1678, he lives to Overschie, where he dies in 1690. He specializes in the paints of fishes but widens his subjects by painting banquet tables.

Description of the work: it is a flammand painting of the 17th century, a still life, representing five carps on a wooden table with a red jug and a carp suspended above the table.

Colors are mat, red, yellow, beige, brown, grey.

There is almost no light, it is indoor. The painting is realistic, detailed

Well as the scales of poisons or even the shine of the decanter.

Carp of Bohemia style


Ingredients for 6 dinner guests


1 Big carp of ± 1, 5 kg – emptied and scaled 100 + 25 g of butter 3 average Onions – chopped 2 soup spoons of parsley – chopped 3 soup spoons of chive – chopped 1 Lemon peel – grated 20 cl of crème fraiche 2 soup spoons of cream of anchovy in tube 1 coffee spoon of sugar 1 soup spoon of paprika 3 soup spoons of bread-crumb

Salt and Pepper

Indications of preparation


  1. Warm the butter in a frying pan on average fire(light).
  2. Get back(Brown) slowly onions, parsley, chive and hanging lemon peel 5 min by moving.
  3. Add the sugar, the paprika, the cream of anchovy and the crème fraiche, salt little and pepper generously.
  4. Move on the fire, until this sauce bubbles.
  5. Add 10 cl of water and reserve.


  1. Put the carp in a buttered oven-proof dish and by means of a knife, practise 3 notches up to the central fish bone .
  2. Spray it with the hot sauce then sprinkle it with 3 soup spoons of bread-crumb.


Hot oven COOKING, Th 6 – 200°c, during ± 45 min.

Spray from time to time with the sauce of the dish(flat).

If the sauce dries out, to add a little water.

Serve hot with potatoes cooked in the water.




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