Still life in apple and or orange and still life in apple

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Paul Cézanne nature morte au pomme..


Still life in apple and or orange


still life in apple





Paul Cézanne


Presentation of the painter


Birth:19 in January, 1839 Aix-en-Provence, France

death:22 in October, 1906 Aix-en-Provence, France

Nationality French


He(It) studied as study of rights

This painter belongs to the movement of the impressionism. He is considered as the precursor of the cubism.


Description of the work :

They are a member of a series of six paint of still life executed in 1899 in his(her) Parisian workshop
We indeed find from a picture to the other one the same accessories: earthenware crockery, jug in the floral decoration. Their principle of composition is also similar with a hanging closing the prospect, calling back the Flemish still lives of the XVIIth century. But, the dynamic effect created by a complex subjective space construction and a perception(collection) of objects underline the approach before any pictorial of Cézanne.

Possible recipe :

Oranges caramelized in the sherbet of citrus fruits

STAGE 1Faites to cook oranges:

STAGE 2Pelez oranges to the bursar(vegetable peeler). Boil a big volume of water.

STAGE 3Posez oranges on a clingfilm. Add 3 pinches of sugar above and below the orange then give 3 to 4 tours(towers,ballots) of movie around the orange, in both senses(directions).

STAGE 4Plongez oranges packed in the boiling water. Cover and let cook during 30 – 35 min, over a low heat.

STAGE 5 once cooks, plunge oranges into a volume of water added by ice cubes, to stop the cooking. Cut them in 8 districts, with the movie then remove the movie.

STAGE 6Faites to caramelize your oranges:

STAGE 7 In a frying pan, melt the butter with the sugar. When the caramel starts (the mixture begins to thicken and to tan very slightly), put down(deposit,give evidence)


STAGE 8Retournez well every district and, once caramelized, reserve them.

STAGE 9Terminez the caramel:

STAGE 10 Deglaze the frying pan with a little water. Mix, please and cross(spend) the caramel in the Chinese. Add a little single cream.

STAGE 11Dressez your plate:

STAGE 12 Put down(Deposit) pieces of orange. Arrange the chopped bonbons and the top, the scoop of ice cream.

STAGE 13 Water(Spray) with caramel.
Print to Indicate an error on the recipe(takings)

I use a more strong-tasting, semi-sophisticated(semi-refined) Mauritian sugar, and which gets married perfectly to the orange. I also advise(recommend) a home-made sherbet to accompany these recipe(takings).
Agreement wine

– Gewurstraminer


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