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This painting was found in Torre Annunziata in Villa of Poppea. This painting is from the first century A.D. The fig is a female symbol. This symbolizes life and birth. It’is the most important painting of Oplontis. Oplontis was an area of Pompei. This area was submerged by the Vesuvio. This pictur has inspired me for make a cake, and I thought of a cake of figs.
The ingredients for this cake are:
Figs,Eggs,Flour,Sugar,Milk,Yeast and Vanilla.
The first phase:
Beat the edds yolk with sugar and vailla and after adding flour (1), yeast (2) and milk(3).
The second phase:
In another boul whip albumen with a little salz. Another this adding this mixture with the other. Finally add the masched figs and we bake for 45 minuts.


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