Promenade near the wheat field Marcel Drefus

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Painter Presentation:


Marcel Dyf is a post-impressionist painter, was born October 7, 1899 in Paris, it is isue of a family from Alsace. He discovers very early his talent for painting but he engages in engineer studies of art and crafts.
Perhaps after he was inspired by the light and landscapes, so he decided to become a painter.

In 1923 he moved to Arles, then to St. Paul De Vence or it will remain a couple of decades.

His work includes scene of popular life and Arles and the Camargue tradition.

During the Second World War he returned to resistance and hides in the bush. At the end of the war he is divided between his studio in Paris, and lunch.

He married Claudine in 1954, Rod

He began exhibiting his work in 1955, it was from 1956 that his talent is truly recognized.

He was killed September 15, 1985.

Description of the work:

This work represents an extensive wheat field in bright light (yellow, green, light blue, white with a touch of red) in the foreground. One can see a woman. In the background there is a small forest, a mountain can seer, and a blue cloudy sky.

Recipe can:

Mushroom and shrimp Blesotto

Wheat 250g Ebly
3 large fresh mushrooms
Shrimp tail 250g
1 onion
1 liter of water
2 chicken bouillon cubes
3 tbsp crème fraîche
1 tablespoon olive oil
1- Chop the onion, wash and cut into thin slices mushrooms.
2- In a frying pan, fry the onion with olive oil tablespoon, add the mushrooms and cook 10 min.
3- Meanwhile heat the water with the chicken stock.
4- In the frying pan add the shrimp cook about 10 minutes then add the corn, cook 1 min; Then pour a ladle of broth gradually until exhaustion stirring continuously.
5- When the corn is cooked, add the cream mix and cook 5 min.
6-Serve immediately. 
Or the traditionnal French sandwich


Ham and butter

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