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Cubism Mixed Collage

Lesson  Cubism – Drawing/Collage
Lesson Plan: Cubism a Fractured Reality – still life with collage elements
Grade Level: High School (adaptable to middle school)
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Objectives: Students will

  1. Gain an understanding and awareness for the cubist style of artists such as Picasso, Braque, and Gris with food items .
  2. Create a multi-media composition showing multiple views of various objects — fracturing the planes in the manner of the cubists
  3. Create a composition with a variety of textures – developing interest through contrast and added collage elements.
  4. Develop skills in shading using both white and black to show values.


  1. Present the work of Pablo Picasso, Juan Gris and Georges Braque through PowerPoint or slides. Show and discuss  videos from the websites
  2. . make prinouts and hand them out  to students if possible. Set up interesting still life with the food and kitchen utensils.
  3. Demonstrate how to show multiple views of one object – demonstrate fractured planes.
  4. Demonstrate collage techniques – demonstrate wood grained textures – review shading.



Contour Line: line that defines and describes the edges of

a shape/form

Geometric Shapes: “Man-made shapes; usually have

straight lines and comers

Unity: overall quality of wholeness in an artwork

Balance: equally distributed details in an artwork (can be

symmetrical or asymmetrical)

Value: degree of lightness or darkness of a color

Contrast: degree of difference

Freestanding Sculpture: 3-D artwork that can be viewed

Color Schemes

Analogous: 3-4 colors thai areneighbors on the wheel 3 colors that are equally

spaced on the wheel

Warm: reds, oranges, and yellows

Cool: blue, green, and violet colors

Complimentary: colors opposite one another on the wheel

Neutral: mixing complementarycolors lowers their intensity (grays  browns)

from all angles or sides


Set up an eye appealing still life in the room.

After viewing and discussing the works of Pablo Picasso, this group of eleventh grade students design  these still life compositions. They begin by sketching a still life set up in the art room from observation. The sketch was painted with tempera paint using a flat style and a neutral pallet.

Collage papers are then created by mixing colors and creating texture by using sponges, spray bottles, and dabbing. These beautiful papers are cut into the appropriate shapes by using the beginning sketch as a template. After the shapes are glued in place, oil pastels were used to create patterns and enhance the overall design.

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