project based lesson plan 1 noah’s sweet food and sacrifice

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Noah’s sweet dish and sacrifice to God.


  • Students will learn about the Noah’s sacrifice in Christianity and The Noahs’s sweet dish pudding  .
  • Students will discuss Noah’s food recepies .
  • Students will use Paintings  to discuss the Noah’s Flood.
  • Students wil identify and describe cultural symbols,images and contexts of the works of the the paintings



  • Internet Access
  • Paintings
  • Hollybooks


  1. Discuss the historical environment of Noah during the Flood .Read the versus both in the holly books.
  2. Introduce students to the story of Noah.
  3. Have students examine the paintings of Noah’s sacrifice. They should draw conclusions about the Noah’s food paintings. What specific elements are common in the holly books.
  1. Invent imagery and symbols to Express thoughts and feelings



1 Apply art critism methods and inquiry skills

2 Aply assesment practices to selecet organize and present personal artworks that document the students’ understanding of the visul art and the food culture and the terminolagical concepts of the era

3 Apply inquiry and analytical thinking when considering the content.

4 Analyze and explain the realationship between the content and ideas

noah's offer michelengello

Noah and his family make a sacrifice to God on their safe delivery from the great flood.

Michelangelo’s masterpiece.

 The vault of the Sistine Ceiling covers 800 sqm of fresco painting.The largest figures  consist of the prophets and sybles of the ancient world,

all predicting the coming of Christ.

Above the windows the triangular spaces and lunettes are decorated with an array of men and women who await the birth of the savior.

There are four corner pendetives painted with scenes from the Salvation of Israel’s people.

This page concentrates on the paintings in the center of the Chapel’s vault.

The centre of the Sistine Chapel vault is decorated with nine scenes from Genesis,

four large and five small ones. Three of the episodes describe the Creation,

three the story of Adam and Eve, and three tell the story of Noah.

The paintings sequence is as follows, from the South end of the Chapel.

noahoffer turkish painter

Noah’s Ark Ottoman Miniature is the original design of Taner Alakuş Miniature Workshop. It is done using gold and acrylic paint on 200 years old Ottoman paper.

About the painter

Taner Adrian Who was born in Ankara in 1966
Artist. in 1982, Mimar Sinan University, Faculty of fine arts, traditional Turkish arts, Illumination, to keep this episode in 1986/87 and graduated from the same College artists.
in College, Deputy in the art of illumination. Assoc.Prof. Dr. Tahsin Alvarez took lessons from.
after graduation figures came to work more attractive and became interested in the miniature art. This art still M.s.u. Faculty Jacob Charles Hall took a lesson from.
currently teaches as lecturer at the University, but also Sufficiency Program.

Dimensions: Frame Width: 30.5 cm, Length: 36.5 cm Miniature Width: 19 cm, Length: 25 cm


The holy muharrem month in islamic calender celebrates the the Noah’s Ark landing

on mount Ararat and muslims cook a special sweet dish which is believed to have been cooked by the Probhet with the remaining grains and from the sacrifice meat .


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