PBLesson Vincent van Gogh “Still life with bread, meat and vegetables”

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Vincent van Gogh

“Still life with bread, meat and vegetables”


Competition on the topic “Food and Art”

  1. Idea of the project: practical lesson
  2. Project objectives: 

The aim of the lesson is to teach and improve the students’practical skills.


21st Century Skills


Learning Skills and    Technology Tools


Teaching Strategies


Evidence of Success


Information and communication

The students receive the information from their teachers and managers of restaurants. explanation; surveillance; demonstration; presentation Upgrading skills; teamwork; dexterity

Thinking and Reasoning Skills


creativity; speed; culinary technique


Placing the individual and group tasks


Selection of suitable products; excellent presentation of the dishes


Personal and  Workplace Skills .



Skills for: work with modern technological equipment; a combination of food products; for improving skills and techniques


Development of technique, precision and confidence


Creating an assortment with commercial value; awards in competition.

Targets: students must learn facts about the life and work of the Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh. They need to make the connection between him and the Dutch food; exhibit technological skills and prepare meals for them with the necessary organoleptic qualities

Main products: meat and meat products; bakery products; vegetables; fruit

Evaluation and reporting of the results: The assessment will be held on the following criteria:

  1. Taste of the food – 10 points.
  2. The way the portion looks – 10 points.
  3. Workplace -10 points.
  4. Technological skills – 10 points.
  5. Ability to cope with a critical situation -5 points.
  6. Presentation of the dish -5 points.
  7. Number of food from the food groups depicted in the picture – 10 points.

Total points: 60

System evaluation: excellent – from 55 to 60 points.

Very Good – from 45 to 55 points.

Good – from 35 to 45 points.

Satisfactory – 25 to 35 points.

Poor – less than 25 tons

Students work in teams. They are assessed as a group.

Training materials and equipment: – work tables; -cutting boards; – electric stove; – utensils and cutlery; – Technological cards; – Blenders; – Mixers; – Van Gogh painting;

Management of the educational process

Practical lesson on “Dutch cuisine, reflected in the still lifes of Gog and gourmet dish“


The Van Gogh’s  work: “Still life with bread, meat and vegetables” is the one where the artist has depicted the commonly used food used for the preparation of Dutch dishes.  As a whole this food is simple and technologically disengaged. This is because the raw climate and fertile soils are not favorable for the cultivation of variety of plants. Livestock breeding is developed only in some parts of the country.

Look at the picture and express your views on the combination of the displayed food. Besides these you can include other ingredients.

Suggest appropriate Dutch dish that you can prepare by using the possible products of the picture.

One idea, which is suitable for combination of the ingredients is related to the preparation of a popular dish “Dutch pea soup”, which includes: peas, ham, pork, onion, celery, potatoes.

Another combination of food which is typical of Southern cuisine – “Slavnik”.  Slavnik  is a dish of minced meat mixed with spices, shaped of meatballs, wrapped with bacon, fried and garnished with vegetables

The third dish that can be prepared from these products is a la minute “Broodje frikandel” – consisting of fried frikadel / pork sausage, beef and chicken / placed in a baguette topped with onions and leafy vegetables.

The fourth dish is “hot flash.” It is made by pork chops, sausage, potatoes, sour apples, onions, broth, butter, breadcrumbs, salt and pepper.

The fifth dish is called “Hotpot”. It is prepared by meat, pepper, bay leaf, potatoes, carrots, onions, parsley, oil and salt.

These are different proposals that you can include in the task to run in the next minutes.

I’ll put you in two groups.

We do an instruction how to work in the school workshop.

The two groups have to prepare a Dutch lunch menu for 4 people. The points depend on the amount of products from the picture the students used.

Each group chooses their leader who will be in charge of the workflow.  The leader will present the dishes. Running time is 1 hr. 30 min

The food products that you are going to use are in the warehouse. You have 15 min. to take utensils and cutlery that you are going to use.

The students are working and have to finish on time. The teacher monitors the work process closely and can give advices.

The tasting and presentation is 20 min. and it’s before the end of the practical lesson.  All the participants are involved in the tasting. The teacher assessed the students.

All the participants are cleaning their work places.



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