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Project Title: Food on canvas

Vincent van Gogh

 „Herring on paper

  1. Idea of the project: competition
  2. Project objectives: The aim of the competition is to consolidate and improve knowledge and skills acquired in the training course.

21st Century Skills


Learning Skills and    Technology Tools


Teaching Strategies


Evidence of Success


Iinformation and communication

Students find information from books, internet and their teachers, and use it in their masterful practical implementation. Explanation, presentation, demonstration Interest, incentive

Thinking and Reasoning Skills


Work individually


Placing the group and individual assignments


A lot of information and experience


Personal and  Workplace Skills .



Ability to work with modern technological equipment


Development of speed, technique and concentration


Receiving awards in competitions and etc.

Targets:Students have to learn facts about the life and work of the Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh. They need to find subjects in his paintings depicting food and to make a connection between his still lifes and Dutch cuisine. Finally, the training ends with a contest on the theme “Food and Art”. The ranking of students is an indicator of their literacy and evaluation will be on this basis.

Evaluation and reporting of the results: Definitions For the purpose jury has valuation maps, which are recorded points. The criteria for evaluation are: -work clothes; Hygiene of the workplace; -personal hygiene; -way of performance; -presentation; -Trade product type. Assessment points are from 1 to 6. Another way of assessing  is peer correction.

Students work in teams. There is a critical thinking and problem solving. They communicate orally.

Training materials and equipment: – work tables; – cutting boards; – electric stove; – utensils and cutlery; – Prescription cards; – Blenders; – Mixers; – Painting of Van Gogh;

Management of the learning process:


Competition on the theme “Food and Art”


Today we are going to have a contest on the theme “Food and Art”.

The food will be of Dutch cuisine and the art is the work of Van Gogh.

Our task is to make the connection between them.

For this purpose I prepared five tasks each team must perform. There will be 4 teams and 4 students in each team. The remaining 4 students will be the jury. I’ll be leading, supervising and the main referee / if there are teams with equal points, my task will be to determine which of the two teams will come out ahead in the standings

  • Required starting with the rules of technical instruction. You all already know them so we will recap together. Each of you will recall one rule about how to work in the school workshop.

Each student answers

  • Now put on your uniforms and keep the requirements for personal hygiene.
  • Proceed to determine the teams. I will define the leader of each team, and the leader will define the players in it. I have prepared distinctive character for each team.
  • The leader of the first team is Victoria. She will take the red aprons. Who will join your team, Vicky?
  • ……………………
  • The second team with leader Nadezhda will take the yellow aprons. Who will join your team Nadia?
  • ……………………
  • The leader of the third team is Radoslav. He will take the white aprons. Who will join your team Radi?
  • …………………..
  • The leader of the fourth team is Martin. He will take the black aprons. Who will join your team, Marti?
  • …………………..
  • Take your places behind the tables prepared by me. / The tables are color-coded cover corresponding to the distinctive character of the team. There are materials for the first task on each table.

Show a picture of Van Gogh “Herring on paper” by multimedia.

  • The main product that we are going to use today is shown on the painting “Herring on paper” from Van Gogh.
  • Proceed to the first task: You have 10 min to preprocessing the fish.

The jury monitors the work of the players and notes in their points cards. After a certain time, together with the jury, the new trays for the participants are loaded.

  • Proceed to task №2:From the technological cards in front of you choose one that is typical of Dutch cuisine. You have 3 minutes.

There are 2 dishes of Dutch cuisine, but the fish is the main product just in one of them:


  1. Fish fillets with Dutch sauce

500 g fish fillet

10 tablespoons flour

5 tablespoons corn flour

1 teaspoon soda bread

10-15 tablespoons milk

3 eggs

3 tablespoons dried parsley

Salt ++

Black pepper ++


Preparation: Cut fillets into bite sized pieces, each piece dried with paper towels.

Mix all dry ingredients together.

Add the eggs and the mix.

Add the milk carefully – spoon by spoon.Don’t make thin breading.

Add salt and pepper.

Heat the oil in a pan and fry the breaded fish for about 5 minutes.

Serve with sauce, Dutch


  1. Rice Souffle:

1 cup rice; 300 grams of water; 2-3 pieces of smoked herring; 4 tomatoes;

½ cup cream; 2-3 tablespoons. Lie grated yellow cheese; butter; salt

Preparation: boil the rice in salted water. Buttered the baking  and consistently begins to put products starting with the rice, the fish fillets and peeled and sliced tomatoes. The top layer is poured with lightly salted cream. On top of it put some butter and sprinkle with grated cheese. Bake soufflé 15 min. in the oven. Serve with a green salad.


The jury monitors the work of the players and notes in their points cards. After a certain time, together with the jury a new tray for the next task is loaded.

  • Task №3: Choose the best products that you will need to prepare the dish you’ve chosen in task 2. You have one hour.

The jury monitors the work of the players and notes in their points cards.

  • Task №4: The leader of the team presenting the dish. Time 2 min.

The jury is listening and notes on their point cards.

  • Task №5: The participants are cleaning their tables. They have to put a white cover on the table and then to serve the dishes for the main course to the jury. The leader of the team has to serve the main course. Time 5 min.

The jury tasting and notes the points in the team’s cards.

Ranking notes.

The awards are Dutch culinary products made by another group of students.


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