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  1. Idea of the project: Research of the biography and the creativity of the artist, historical period, typical dishes and spices.
  2. Goals: Knowledge of the food during the period in French cuisine – dishes, spices. Upgrading the knowledge and skills obtained in the theory and practice classes.
Skills since XXI century Skills for learning and technological skills Teaching methods and skills


Performance indicators
1 2 3 4
Information and communication


1. To recognize food products.


2.  To carry out the selection of food products.


3. To buy food products and other facilities needs for the kitchen.


4. To store food products.


5. To make menus.


6. To work rationally and safe with the technological equipment in the kitchen.


7. Cook French cuisine.


8. To organize the activities in the kitchen.







Ø  Tasting;


Ø  Talking;


Ø  Demonstration;


Ø  Explanation;


Ø  Role games


–  Tasting;


–  Completing table with organoleptic qualities of the assortments ;


–  Scheme of the prepared assortment;


–  Evaluation after tasting.


1 2 3 4
Skills for reasoning


1. Familiarity with process technology.


2. Basic concepts

– raw materials, basic thermal processes, weight.


3. Selection of the necessary raw materials.


4.  Sequentially performance of thermal process.


5. Weight of the finished products, aesthetics.


6. Sense of aesthetics.


7. Satisfaction of finished work.



Ø  Developing lessons.



–  Tasting;


–  Completing table with organoleptic qualities of the assortments;


–  Scheme of the prepared assortment;


–  Evaluation after tasting.


1 2 3 4
Personal skills and workplace skills.


1. Compliance with labor and technological discipline.


 2. Organizing the work and share out the tasks.


3. Combines components of the meals.


4. Prevents wasting of food products.


5. Calculation.


6. Replace basic products with similar.


Ø  Monitoring;



Ø  Demonstration.

– Evaluation.


Targets for completing:

To learn: Characteristic meals for the period, products and spices. Technology of preparing.

To make: The students are split into two groups. On  each of groups are giving the assortments depending from the tasks. Each group consist four students and everyone has specific position determined by teacher. The positions are :

  • Executive chef
  • Commis chef
  • Chef
  • Chef de partie

The student set for Executive chef select the product which needs for preparing and looks forward for completing every step of the technology. The Commis chef and the Chef prepare the assortment under the control of the Executive chef. The student set for Chef de partie is looking forward for production and personal hygiene of group members and workplace.

Evaluation: Evaluation card.

Basic group products:  Fruits, wine, flour.

Basic individual products:  apples, puff pastry, apricot jam.

Evaluating and reflecting the results:

The students are preparing special table for tasting the cook assortments.In front of each is put plate with 21 centimeters, little fork and knife and glass of water.The Executive chefs of the two groups describe the technology of prepared by the groups assortments and it’s relation with  Paul Cezanne’s picture „Still life with a basket of apples”.After the assortments tasting all the students fill a table for organoleptic indicators.The teacher adds or correct the students if they made a mistakes, preview the organoleptic tables of all students and evaluate it.

Teamwork, critical thinking, problem solving (replacement of basic products with similar), verbal communication, scorecard.

Other methods of evaluating:

Monitoring, researching, discussion, blog.

Card of the project: “ STILL LIFE WITH A BASKET OF APPLES “№1

French apple pie with caramel


Puff pastry – 250 gr.

Apples – 4 pc.

Butter – 100gr.

Sugar – 120 gr.


  1. The sugar is melt in a pan in a slow cooker until a light caramel. Adds the butter and the mixture is stir until it boil.
  2. Peel the apples, cut in a big slices and adds the caramel. Steam the apples for 5 minutes in a slow cooker. Put the apples with the caramel in the pan where the pie will bake.
  3. Put the puff butter on the top of it so as to cover the apples and the edges to tuck into them. The dough is punch with a fork. Bake 25 minutes on 200 degrees, take out and turn over.


Card of the project: “ STILL LIFE IN A BASKET OF APPLES “№2

Apple Galette


Puff pastry – 250 gr.

Apples – 2-3 pc.

¼ tea cup apricot jam

Brown sugar – 2 tea spoons


  1. Heat the oven to 210 СО.
  2. Roll the puff pastry in round shape with 25 sm. diameter.
  3. Heat the jam and strain trough sieve.
  4. 4. Spread the apricot jam on the puff pastry with a brush and leave the corners bare.
  5. Slice the cleaned apples on thin pieces and put it on a round shape on the spread part of the dough.
  6. 6. Fold the corners.
  7. 7. Sprinkle sugar on the apples.
  8. 8. Put the galette in a pan with baker paper.
  9. 9. Bake it 25-30 minutes.
  10. 10. The apple galette is cooling for 5-10 minutes and is served with scoop of vanilla ice

Teaching materials and equipment:

Technological schemes, recipe, score card.

Management of teaching process:

  1. Preparation.
  • Technological cards, work clothes, required raw materials and inventory;
  • methods (demonstration, talking, explanation, roll game).
  1. Introductory.
  • Consolidation of the acquired skills and knowledge.
  1. Basic part.

All of the groups do their tasks.

  1. Final part – evaluating the students:
  • Tasting;
  • Completing table with organoleptic qualities of the assortments;
  • Schemes of prepared assortments;
  • Evaluating.


  1. Educational:

Acquaintance with:

  • Paul Cezanne’s biography;
  • Creativity of the artist;
  • Traditions and habits in French cuisine;
  • Cook meals from this period;
  • Aesthetic arrangement of meals;
  • Rules for safety work of the student;
  • Personal hygiene and working place hygiene;
  • Quality of the finished products.
  • Forming of moral qualities;
  • To know how to organize the work and split the tasks;
  • To combine the components;
  • To prevents wasting of food products.

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