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Who is Paul Klee?

paul klee

Klee  had never been in the official line of the most abstract painters had a particular stream


his father was a music teacher, her mother studied music in Stuttgart Conservatory He was born as the son of these parents on  December 18 th 1879 in Widnau.


the 7-year-old started playing the violin and had a special interest to draw and paint but would rather play the violin.


He received his high school diploma in 1898 and decided to become a painter. He went to Munich, 1900 at the Royal Academy of Munich. He was a student of Franz von Stuck. Klee, He had to leave Stuck’s school in 1901 as he wouldn’t like to be bount to  his traditionalist attitude in school.


He went  to Italy together with his Painter friend Hermann Haller, visiting the cities of Renaissance artists. He went to Paris in the summer of 1905. James McNeill Whistler, and visited  exhibitions. Pierre-Auguste Renoir’s works left an admiring impression on him

A year later he moved to Munich and met Lily Stumpf married her in 1907, Felix was the fruit of this marriage. This period was a happy family life of the artist and his paintings in Impressionist style.


In 1908, he discovered worksof  Van Gohg Cezanne.


Munich Secession and Bern were  major exhibitions of his works . He met Wassily Kandinsky and Blaue Reiter group. This group believed that what was more important than the outside  world was the introverted world.


Klee  met Picasso, Delaunay and Braque in Paris.


He made a trip to Tunisia in 1914. This short trip left lasting effects in the style of the artist. In the meantime, Klee’s paintings carried deep influence of Cubism in an unusual freedom.


he served in the army in an air base near Munich in 1916,. However, he continued to painting,


He started to gain a reputation in early 1920 the artist exhibited three hundred and fifty six paintings in Munich, and Gropius invited him to teach at the Bauhaus.For  Ten years he developed training methods at this school as a lecturer. Klee later published a book of  the pedagogical Drafts (1925).


He opened the first exhibition in America in 1924,and what followed that were Italy and Corsica exhibitions in 1927, 1928 . In 1929 he also went to Egypt and Bretanya and after thar he opened an exhibition in New York in 1930.


He got a position at the Academy of fine arts in Düsseldorf in 1933.When Hitler’s Germany came to power he could not stay there any longer and with the Nazis put an end to his work contract.


In 1935, heback to Bern with a dignosis of severe bronchitis and heart complications of disease Scleroderma.


At first he did not care about his illness, so after a while, he realised the seriousness of the sickness and gave a great speed to work.He started working with  large scale canvases in 1938 and 1939,producing the Angels masterpiece  with an array of more abstract and more tragic quality.


Klee introduced a brand new venue for color, form and language and deep functioning  was developed with a highly personal symbolism narration.


Visual understanding of the development of a master stemmed from his  musical talent as well. And these effects reached to enorumous degrree . He wanted to connect  the world of  the past with the future and tried to paint this way.


Paul Klee, neither with his ideas, nor way of his life, was absolutely not a  surrealist. However,  he was regarded as one of the most amazing painter poet of the 20th century and surrealists accepted him as one of their own.


Some of his works

Flower Myth

Death and Fire

Insula Dulcamara

Struck from the List

Cat and Bird

Angelus Novus

Landscape with Yellow Birds

Fish Magic

Twittering Machine

Ad Parnassum


fish magic


Fish Magic

Paul Klee, Swiss, 1879 – 1940

Made in Europe


Oil and watercolor on canvas on panel

30 3/8 x 38 3/4 inches (77.2 x 98.4 cm) Framed: 38 5/16 × 46 1/2 × 3 1/4 inches (97.3 × 118.1 × 8.3 cm)




fry fish


What is the most usual way of cooking in Turkey is fried mackerel in the pan . The fish is cooked in powdered ready made soup instead of using flour .Because the soup has different spicies  the and salt well balanced, You won’t  smell raw fish while frying as the smell is absored by the powdered soup .Mackerel gives off its smell it is unavoidable but it is worth .



4 pieces mackerel

1 package creamy vegetable soup

Olive oil




Well dust the mackerel sliced in two  and fry it in the frying pan. Ready to serve .

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