My experience in France

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My experience in France:

In the end of the previous school year, me and three more classmates went to France, more

specifically, to Guerande. To go on this trip we had to make the best PowerPoints or word

presentations about a painting and describe the Renaissance food. We went by plane. In the first

days we all were shy, so nobody talked to students of other countries.

We stayed there for a week, we were accomodated in a kind of a camping park, in bungallows and

there were two swimming pools.

We did lots of activities, like prezi presentations, painting doors, cooking inspired by paintings etc.

In the middle of the week, we went to the beach, but only a few boys went into the water, and we had

also a party in the evening, it was the party of mussels.

Every day, we ate at the school and the food there was really nice.

When the week ended, we came back to Portugal, by plane again but this time with stopover in Paris.

That week was awesome, I’ve learned many things for my life by communicating with people from

other nationalities. After the week in France, of course I kept in contact with some students from other

countries. I am really enjoying taking part on this Erasmus+ project.


Cristian Martea (Portugal)12744141_1855519121341575_5974153296134492260_n

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