MACKERELS by Zlatko Šulentić

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Art work identification

Title              Mackerels, 1961, Yugoslavia

Author         Zlatko Sulentic, 1893-1971

Technique   Tempera (32x43cm)

Location      Galerija Kaptol, Zagreb

Theme          Figuration

Art work description

  • Space is recognizable, it is dining table. It is not sure, perhaps outer space… by the colors and the light somewhere in Dalmatia, where the author often traveled and painted.
  • It is impossible to tell where source of light is. Also which of the contours represent shadow.
  • Depicted object is three mackerels on the fish plate.
  • Everyday life object
  • Modest color palette, lots of nuances…
  • In good expressionistic stile, each color has its place, which makes contour of the objects.
  • In background dominated various nuances of light purple, plate and fishes are blue and green. Whole painting somehow glowing…
  • As if it is on the upper right corner something that is reminiscence of one Eduard Munch painting.
  • Almost that one can sense ambient of Mediterranean fisherman village…
  • As it is earlier mentioned, observer can catch the very essence of scene, what standing beneath mere vision… which is a goal of expressionists.
  • Sulentic once said that he wanted to know what was behind the reality.



(1893. Glina –1971. Zagreb) Zlatko was a Croatian painter of landscapes and portraits.He was one of the second generation of Croatian modern painters, a follower of the Munich Circle painters. He also studied at the Academy of Fine Arts, Munich, and began to develop his own version of expressionism and cubism in Croatia, with refined colour harmonies. In his later work Šulentić painted religious motifs, landscapes and city views, but he remained foremost a portrait painter. He taught drawing in school and at the Academy of Fine Arts, Zagreb. He travelled extensively, and published a book “People, Places, Infinity”


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