Lesson Plan: Critical thinking and Pop Art

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Lession Plan 3 – Critical thinking and Pop Art
Idea – to analyze pop art pieces with use of critical thinking methods
Objectives – to awaken interest for pop art and to facilitate dialogues skills ina rt analysis

21st century skills Learning skills Teaching strategies Evidence of success
Information and communication
Thinking and reasoning skills
Personal and workplace skills

Targets: students need to observe pop art paintings and to analyse their meaning, question what they see and think critically about art
Evaluation: mutual dialogue
Training materials: paper, pen
Management and learning process:
Students are presented with any two paintings from pop art portraying food. Paintings can be presented on paper for each student or on board.
First task for students is to find one concept for the painting and write it down on their papers. Concept should be one word which best describes what they see on the painting. After they are done, teacher engages students in socratic dialogue, asking them questions about their concept and about their process of finding the concept. Students should find arguments which will defend why they choose that specific concept and why do they think their concept is the best for the description of the painting.
Second task is for student to write down one sentence about the painting. After they are done, the process repeats, whereas teacher starts socratic dialogue with them about their work. For each task, 8 – 10 minutes of dialogue is enough.
Third task is to write down one question about the painting. Process repeats.
Fourth task is to answer the question. Process repeats.
In this way, students are engaged in painting analysis in critical way, where they use different critical methods in relationship with the paintings before them.

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