Lesson Plan: Still Life

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Lession Plan 2 – Still Life
1. Idea – presenting Tom Wesselman’s work and thinking about the future
2. Objectives – awaken critical thinking in students about the future they will live in
21st century skills Learning skills Teaching strategies Evidence of success
Information and communication
Thinking and reasoning skills
Personal and workplace skills

Targets: Students need to analyze and criticize an art work and imagine and create one of their own, using knowledge and discussion they already have to produce something new.
Evaluation: mutual dialogue
Training materials: paper with Wesselman’s painting for each student, paper and pen
Management and learning process:
Today we are going to work on Tom Wesselman’s instalation Still Life #20. This is a piece of art made in pop art period by Wesselman and after you look at it (teacher gives picture of Still Life #20 to all students) we will discuss what you think about it. Do you like it? What does it say to you? If you can describe it in one concept, which concept would that be? What symbols do you recognize? What can those symboly mean? What do you think is the function of those symbols? Which part of the instalation is your favourite and why? What would you do differently about the instalation if you had the chance? etc. (5 – 10 mins)
Now that we have some idea about the instalation, you will try to imagine a world a little bit different than this one, try to imagine the future when you retire and draw a scetch of what would this instalation look like. Pay special attention to food on the table and try to draw what will be different in 50 years from now with our food and basic groceries. (15 mins)
After you have finished your future reproduction, we can discuss your work. Teacher asks few students to present their drawings (depending on number of students and time left) and asks questions: Why did you draw that? What makes you think food in future will be like that? What is your favourite food? What will you eat in future? Do you think that all your life you can eat the same food? What are the main reasons to change our diet? What can you conclude based on Still Life #20 about eating habbits of a person who lives within the frame of a paiting? etc.

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