Lesson Plan: Project Pop Art Self Food Portrait

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Lession plan 4 and 5 – Project Pop Art Self Food Portrait
Idea – to show students how can they produce their own pop art works
Objectives – working on self awareness, self critique, pop art and IT tools
21st century skills Learning skills Teaching strategies Evidence of success
Information and communication
Thinking and reasoning skills
Personal and workplace skills

Targets: students will work on photography, IT, Internet and pop art patterns
Evaluation: Internet
Training materials: photo camera or mobile phone camera, PC, Internet connection
Management and learning process:
First task students should do is to take portrait photos of themselves, posing like celebrities or any other famous people. Each of them will add one piece of food (vegetables, fruit, etc) to their portrait. They can bring their own food, or teacher should provide some. Food will be a part of the portrait. 20 mins
Once they take all the portraits, they can divide into several groups and transfer photos to a PC with Internet connection. 5 mins
They will log to popartstudio.nl and start working on their own pop art and food posters. There they can pick any number of themes and patterns they like and create their own image in pop art style. 30 mins
Discussion can facilitated after they finish their work about their feelings and thoughts during the process. They are to be asked questions about their reasoning (why did they choose that specific food to go with their portrait, or why did they choose that specific pattern for the portaits, and so on). 20 mins
If there is enough time, they can further find portraits of their favourite celebrities and repeat the process with their portraits.

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