Project based lesson FRUIT SALAD AND THE HEALTH

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1Target  (s):

Healthy food habits).


  • Objectives – By the end of this tutorial students shoud be able to:

Be stimulated to the act of eating healthy food and recognize the paintings a

Apply the features of a pictorial movement in a lively reproduction


3l Skills

The knowledge of the cubism / painting features, İbrahim callı and the recipe of the dish.


  1. Materials Required:

ingredients (fruit ), apples,pear,,banana,and others , bowl,



  1. Key Terms:

Food on canvas

Fruit salad

Lively painting reproduction


  1. Instructional Strategies / Teaching Approaches:

After the analysis of the painting “salad bowl” by İbrahim callıi and the video students write down the recipe of the fruit bowl and produce their own from thier iimagination and get ready to prepare it.

Students are divided into two groups (one group in charge of the purchase of the necessary ingredients, other group in charge of preparing the cooking space and utensils)

Creation of several lively reproductions of the painting .

  1. Step-By-Step Procedures:

Acquire knowledge on cubism.

Participation in: the analysis of the painting / the search for the soup recipe / the purchase of ingredients / the lively painting reproduction.


  1. Essential Questions

Which type of food is depicted in the painting (colours, textures, forms) and what does it tell us about the figure’s social status?

Are these features present in the lively painting reproduction?

  1.  Assessment Based On Objectives:

Confection of the stone soup followed by the lively representation of the painting “The Bean Eater”


  1. Possible Connections to Other Subjects:

Arts Workshop



THE WORK 45/65


İbrahim calli (born 13 Jul 1882,  , De nizli died. May 22, 1960 in İstanbul) is a Turkish painter,

ibirthplace is his inspiration to become a painter , after finishing  the Civil İdadi in İzmir he was sent  s to İstanbul  by his family to enter military school. However; He is her childhood passion for painting to care for guests he had work and  stay at the Inn  during his education time , and students from Vefa İdadisi taking pictures and joining  his company influenced him he  began taking painting lessons. When he got into financial straits he knew he needed some job to sustain  his livelihood and then worked in different jobs, such as accountant . He met a painter of Armenian descent and took drawing courses and sketches works . He was inspired  from Masters such as  Calli calli, Seker Ahmet PASA  he met the son of İzzet Bey. Margarito with the Izzet Bey seker Ahmet Pasha helped him get in the fine arts university  in 1906, he produced great works of art and he is appriciated world wide as one of the best artists of modern Turkey



The hidden ingredient in this juicy, berry-jammed fruit salad actually non  Dry, instant vanilla pudding mix. Just sprinkle it over the fruit and stir for an extra flavor punch.It is clear how healty it is to consume fruit as apart of a well balanced diet .It is so simple all you need is to slice chop or cube anything and mix them in a bowl .

But again it is the amount you consume you should avoid excessive amounts as they can be unhealthy or ever can be stored as fat around your waist.

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