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Painter Presentation


In the 1860s, these play a major role in its career.

Grenoble, been born in 1836, died in 1904 French painter

Description of the canvas:


Oil on canvas



Materials and techniques

Painting, oil paint, painting



Terrine apple and pear in the caramel











100g of sugar
2 pears
4 apples
4 c in c of sugar
4 biscuits
Ice(Mirror,Ice cream)  in dried fruits
150g of sugar
40g of walnut
40g of hazelnuts

1- Make a caramel with the sugar then pay it at the bottom of 4 ramekins.
2- Peel and deseed apples and pears then cut them in fine small strips. Distribute the small strips of fruits in ramekins by compressing well. In the middle of ramekins to sprinkle with 1 c in c with sugar may continue to perform with the small strips of fruits by compressing.
3- Cover with aluminum foil and put in the oven 40 min in 150°C. Let cool and put in a cool place at 1 night. It is going to allow the terrine to strengthen well and to turn out of the tin

4- For the caramel in dried fruits, crush boorishly walnuts and hazelnuts. Make a caramel, add dried fruits then mix quickly before pouring the whole on some parchment paper. Let cool before cutting pieces there.
5- At the time of the service(department), turn out terrines on biscuits, put deposit a quenelle of ice cream  close by then be of use with some pieces of caramel to dried fruits

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