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This mosaic was found in Aquileia near Trieste in Italy. It was from second half of 1st century, on the floor of a roman house. This mosaic represents an ancient roman tradition: at the end of a great banquet, the Romans used to throw the remains of the food on the floor if they had enjoyed the meal.

The recipe inspired by this mosaic is Mela al sale con mousse di orata e olive disidratate(salted Apple with sea bream mousse and dehydrated olives).


2 Apples

1 Sea Bream

50 gr. Dehydrated olives

100gr. Ricotta cheese

200gr. Fresh cream

1 egg yolk

Salt and pepper


Cook the apple on salt for 10 minut in oven. Take and clear the sea bream, cook with steam. After the cook give the  fish and blend it with ricotta cheese and egg yolk. In the meantime whip the fresh cream and mix with blend fish. Serve the dish with the dehydrated olives.


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