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Danse au bord de l’eau – RENOIR Pierre-Auguste, 1883


Seen by Mimi the Sardine, musette dancer who looks back on his early years with the journalist. And we will end with a musical excerpt from Juliette Greco song!

Beeper: the sounds, the voices, the key words and tone



Who speaks? What? Your learners will analyze the sounds, the sounds and intonation to understand the main theme – the musette dance once – while highlighting the expression of subjectivity in the testimony of the dancer Mimi the Sardine.


activities 1, 2 and 3 / extract full / individually and in groups


Listening: Youth Mimi



How lived musette dancer Mimi when he was young? Your learners will complete his testimony from what they hear. Then they will do a little poetry to music by devising rhymes to a song by Juliette Greco before checking their hypotheses.


Activity 5 / extract full / individually and in groups


Speaking: youthful memories



On the model of the interview Mimi the Sardine, ask learners to tell subjectively and past memories you have of a traditional leisure, but little known to outsiders, they attended when they were younger . They can prepare their presentation for a few minutes for ideas but should not write it. Retrace the findings of the Activity 3 of this extract to guide learners. Each of them will then go to the teacher / class group / another group to present its subject and answer questions giving details.


Activity 5 / unsupported / whole class


Production: extension to the community



And you do you like the accordion? French songs of old? Or do you prefer the song and contemporary French music? To listen or dance? Share your heart strokes with the community explaining what you like.

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