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Project based lesson 3


Learn proper Cubism

Learn about genres and design

Learn to use food as a painting medium

Learn about career of Nik Efimovich Kuznetsov GranatyI


Prepare a PowerPoint from food art examples found online

Experiment with the painting techniques

Prepare food items .Students will pick a food or they can bring it from home.


Standard1: Creating ,Performing,and Participating in the art of painting

Students will actively engage in the process es that have someting to do with the making and performance of the painting

Standard2Knowing and Using Arts Materials and Resources

Students will be knowledgeable about and make use of the materials and resources available fort he participation in the art.


For demonstraiton

Apples of different colours  or Carrots  green pepper patato and  brushes paints

For student work

Canvas Drawing pencils carrots apples radishes grapes lemon …..


Power point presentation


Brain storming

Set up and distribution ,Process and Steps


1 Pick the food and place it in a proper einvoirenment for the canvas.Ask the students to place the food where the light hits it best.

2.Show the students which brushes are best for the counters and which are the best for the painting techniques.

3.ask the students to choose the painting techniques such as water colour  oil or sketches or any.

4 .Provide the students the required  materials.


How well did the students handle the assignment?

Suggestions ,ideas,ways to improve the skills of the students.


1 Sketches and layouts for paintings

2 an Originality of  design  and assemblage of food on canvas.

3 Presentation of painting

4.Effort: took time to develop idea and complete project? (Didn’t rush.) Good use of class time? Participation in Group Craftsmanship – Neat, clean and complete?

  1. Skillful use of the art tools ?


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