Crater seller of tuna

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Crater seller of tuna


This vase from (380-370 BC) shows a scene of everyday life. on the left we can see an old man, probably a fishmonger, with a knife in his hand who is ready to cut a part of the tuna. on   the right we can see a probable customer. This vessel was used for mixing water and wine to be served at parties. A native of the Assyrian civilization, was imported by the Phoenicians to Greece and from there migrated to the Roman world.The vessel was found in Lipari in some excavations in 1864 which is located in the Aeolian Islands in the province of Messina in Sicily.


In this vessel I wanted to connect an old Greek recipe on how it was cooked tuna. This recipe was written by Timachida Rhodes a greek poet and gastronome of the 1st century BC and was named Tuna with onion and sour.

6 slices of Orcino Samos (tuna) fisheries recent (fresh)
5 red onions Rhodes (red Tropea)
A cup of vinegar
Half a cup of honey (4 tablespoons sugar)
Olive oil (i.v.)
White flour of wheat, than you think right
Fresh mint
Sea salt.
Pepper, if you own and what you prefer.


1) Wash well in clean water and fresh slices of your Orcino Samos, therefore, just as well, dry them.
2) Now infarinale and throw them in a pot with a little oil very hot, until you see them golden brown and cooked.
3) You’ll have hours and lay, well-drained, on a linen cloth well separated (paper towels) for it to dry out from too much oil.
4) Now, in the same oil where you have cooked your slices of Orcino, Saute your onions, you’ll first peeled and finely chopped.
5) Do not brown them, add a little water and make that they cook over a gentle heat well covered (cover for about 1 hour), stirring without forgetting them so they do not stick to the pot.
6) Now add the vinegar and make it evaporate, then add the honey (sugar), the mint that you made into small pieces, the sea salt and pepper.
7) Shuffle all for the flavors to come together creating a sweet aroma.
8) Serve your slices now Orcino that covered the sublime onion mixture, will first rested in a cool (cover them and make them stand for one hour before serving).

And this is the final dish


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