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ILLUSION:  Shading Techniques

Illusion Meaningful unmaking is about exploration.
CONCEPT QUESTION: asking questions, problem-solving and
What is illusion? developing a knowledge base.
In what ways can artworks crcalc illusions?


(Bridge from concept & enduring art understanding to learning activities»

What general and artistic knowledge is necessary for anmaking/

flow can the development of a strong knowledge base aid in the ability to create illusions in


P re-assessment: (What students understand prior to lesson)

Definitions of shape and form

Ongoing-as.eumenl: (What students are learning)

Know: Definitions of shading techniques: value shading, hatching, cross hatching, stippling


The illusion of form can be created on a – -dimensional surface.

Artists use a variety of technique-, to create the illusion of form.

Do: Practice transforming circles into spheres with a variety of shading techniques.

Summativc assessment: (What students will learn)

Students will learn that the illusion of form can be created on a 2-dimensional surface in variety of ways including the use of shading techniques such as value shading, hatching, hatching, and stippling.


Students will develop genera] and artistic knowledge for artmaking.


Illusion of form 3/D illusion

Value shading



Cross hatching


core of shadow cast shadow reflected light

Students will apply the muhlama and make a video of this or if they are unable to find the necessary materials they will cook simple version of it like omlette.make a video of it.


Pyotr Konchalovsky

Born February 21, 1876

Died February 2, 1956 (79)


Known for painting

muhlama corn

Muhlama a local food of black sea  made of corn and cheese.


  • 200 g kolot A black sea speciality cheese in case you can’t find you can use a soft saltless cheese
  • One tea glass of corn floor
  • 2 table spoonfull of butter
  • 5 glass of water


Butter melted in the frying pan will be added water  and sprinkle the the corn floor on the mixture fast  enough not to leave lumps in the mixture.After the mixture boils  small lumbs of the cheese added and you stir it until it becomes thick and sticky and toffy like . enjoy it.muh

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