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The fish plate’s nomination is “Three sea-perch Ingleseand three limpets”, made Apulian in 340-320 a.C.,ceramics workshops manifactured, now stored in British Museum.

A fish plate is a Greek pottery vessel used by western, Hellenistic Greeks during the fourth century a.C.

The form of the plate was called a PINAX or PINAKION, meaning in TABLET, because of its flat shape. The fish plate’s form was that of a dimpled disk elevated on a pedestal, round and flat with a small cup in the center of plate designed to hold oil or sauce. Its rim was turned down, and decorative border. Fishes are oriented towards the outside rim of the plate.

The matching recipe is: PACCHERI TO THE MACKEREL RAGOUT (paccheri al ragù di sgombro).

Grind the mackerel, and salt in the pan with onion, carrot and celery. Than add tomato sauce. Drain the pasta and add with ragout with a bit of grind parsley

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