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this picture is a roman artwork of he end of the 1st century bc54acecc5071fd66e4b6ece936db2b92d/beging of the 1st century ad.

this painting of the floor mosaic depicting birds,fish and fruit baskets.

on top of the part there is fruit basket,inside,there are different frits,and the baset of next to a bird.

middle of the part there are 4 different fishes,the left is a sea bream,the middle seemingly is a salmon,the right is a snapper that hiding in the salmon behind,and there is a hidden in the left two fishes in the middle.

the bottom,the left part is a squat the cock,hen squatting on the cock the next to,the right is a bird of peace.

the whole picture prensents tan with black color.

this painting was 18 october 2011,its dimensions is unspecifed,source of Jean pol Grandmont,current location is the National Museum of Rome Palazo Massimo alle Terme.

                               FISH RECIPES


  • 100g runner
  • half a brunch of fresh mixed  herbs,such as mint,basil
  • 1 lemon sole
  • olive oil


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