How to add new posts to the website

  1. You must be logged in to add posts, so log in or register if you are not registered yet.
  2. From the top menu Community select Ad post. You will get to the posts editor.
  3. Enter the title and then write the text in a Content widow. You can also paste the text from other editor and edit additionally on here.
  4. Editing text is similar to most popular editors by using functions above the text window. To extend the toolbar use Toolbar Toggle button (the last in the row).
  5. If you want to add pictures, leave the mouse cursor at selected location and press Add Media button
    • To add photos you can either upload them from your computer or choose them from the Media Library.
    • Before inserting a picture, you are able to set most important attributes or add some details.
    • It is also possible to edit pictures again, when they are added to the text. Just click on the picture. Relevant icons will appear.
  6. To add video from YouTube or Vimeo, just paste the link in a desired location. Video file will be seen in the editor as a link, but on the website the window with movie will appear.
  7. When the text is ready, select category or categories from the list below the main window.
  8. Write also the excerpt – the most representative part of your post – it will be advertising your post on the posts list.
    • If you leave this window empty, program will use first lines of main content for this purpose.
  9. However it is not obligatory, you can select featured image which will be also visible on the posts list with the title and excerpt (function also below the main window).
    • You can use an image uploaded from your computer, existing on other website (From URL) or from Media Library.
    • You can edit featured image in a similar way as other picture.
    • IMPORTANT! Default size of featured image is 687 x 160 pixels. If your image is bigger, it will be cropped automatically by the program, if it is smaller it will be stretched and distorted.
  10. Next step is to come back to the top of this page and select Status of the post.
    • If you want to leave your post to further edition, please select Draft or Pending Review status. If you thinks, it is ready, select Published.
  11. In all cases you have three possibilities of saving your posts:
    • Save – to save the post in selected status and come back to the editor,
    • Save & Return – to save the post in selected status and go your private posts list,
    • Save & Preview – to save the post and see how it will be presented to the public.
    • In each case your post will be saved and visible on public (if status is Published) or only in your private (Community/My posts) posts list (if status is Draft or Pending Review).
  12. If you want to edit your old posts, from the top menu Community select My posts. You’ll get to the list of posts published by you. Select action Edit to improve the content.
  13. If you need any further help, don’t hesitate to ask:
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